About Us

SupplierPlus is blockchain based cloud-enabled debtor-led supply chain financing solution created by Estonian FinTech company Inwise OÜ, which is specialized on large companies supply chain financing solutions.

SupplierPlus is using the high level of automatization of information exchange through API channels and KSI blockchain technology to provide safer, quicker and easier alternative to banks factoring for all transaction participants from invoice sellers to banks and debtors.

SupplierPlus solution is designed for large and medium size good credit rating companies that are looking to lower their supply chain stability risks and improve their cash flow management by adding extra days to their payment dates. This is done by offering all their suppliers quick and accessible invoice financing solution. For eliminating all the supplier related risks that are common in classical factoring and invoice discounting, SupplierPlus solution is focused moving all the payment risks to debtors (large companies). From suppliers point of view, compared to banks, SupplierPlus is offering same or better priced invoice financing solution without all the paperwork and binding contracts.

Transaction data on SupplierPlus is secured by Guardtime’s KSI Blockchain Timestamping Service