About Us

SupplierPlus is the proprietary platform of SupplierPlus Group OÜ, a financial technology company based in Estonia. SupplierPlus Group was founded in 2015 (under the name Inwise) to ensure that companies participating in robust supply chains have easy and affordable access to working capital. The company operates two invoice financing platforms — Inwise.co for Supplier-led factoring and SupplierPlus.com for Buyer-led reverse factoring.

SupplierPlus is a turn-key Supply Chain Financing Solution. It's designed with efficiency and security in mind - data exchange is digital, transaction processess are automated and transaction logs are secured by Guardtime's blockchain based timestampign solution.

SupplierPlus combines its state of the art technology with a proven legal framework and a scalable operational model. This setup allows Buyers, Suppliers and Banks alike to adopt and work on the platform with minimal administrative effort.

SupplierPlus allows corporations and state institutions with strong credit and numerous suppliers to increase working capital liquidity by leveraging their trade payables. Buyers extend their impeccable credit profiles to unlock financing for Suppliers. Invoice confirmation by the buyers ensures the lowest interest rate and without recourse, all risks are immediately neutralized.

With an improved cash position, Suppliers can increase competitiveness and revenues. The Buyer, in turn, gains liquidity as well as a stronger and more diverse supplier base.


Kaspar Kägu photo Kaspar Kägu
CEO, Head of Creditor Relations
Peeter Puppart photo Peeter Puppart
Head of Global Sales
Indrek Vilms photo Indrek Vilms
Head of Compliance

Business Development

Uve Poom photo Uve Poom
Chief Operating Officer
Tim Sennett photo Tim Sennett
Creditor Partnership Manager
Siim Nopri photo Siim Nopri
Buyer Partnership Manager

Rest of the Team

Kirill Ležeiko photo Kirill Ležeiko
Head of Group Legal
Mihhail Sidorin photo Mihhail Sidorin
Chief Tehcnology Officer
Priit Tomp photo Priit Tomp
Chief Product Officer
Priit Põldmäe photo Priit Põldmäe
Sales Manager
Miko Kallas photo Miko Kallas
Head of Customer Support
Kristel Olesk photo Kristel Olesk
Transaction Administrator
Oleksiy Aniper photo Oleksiy Aniper
General Manager Ukraine
Hanna Zotova photo Hanna Zotova
Customer & Sales Support Specialist
Transaction data on SupplierPlus is secured by Guardtime’s KSI Blockchain Timestamping Service