(Finance Team)

Chief Accountant

(Tallinn, Estonia)

We need a Chief Accountant with the ambition to work in a growing and expanding company - a self-starter with a proven instinct to take ownership and figure things out on the go!

The Challenge

SupplierPlus is an internationally growing company working with a range of enterprise customers with sophisticated financial needs and highly professional conduct. On one hand, there are Corporate Buyers who are looking to leverage their supply chains for more favourable payment terms, greater supply stability, more diversity among the supplier base, etc. On the other hand, there are Banks interested in financing trade payables. Last but not least, Suppliers need to be benefiting from our SCF programs as they decide over selling invoices and ultimately foot the bill.

In order to further the Supply Chain Finance international revolution, SupplierPlus is looking for a Chief Accountant to handle the in-house accounting related data and manage the company’s accounting operations. The person is expected to participate in financial planning and cash-flow management, keep the reporting obligations in order and manage the overall accounting functions.

The other side of the job is the support function for SPG customers and different partners in case they need advice and consultation about SPG solutions accounting set-up.


  • Developing an in-house accounting function and internal policies, processes and procedures for internationally growing company;
  • Overseeing the accounting and financial reporting for the group, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations.
  • Managing the accounting team and daily accounting operations;
  • Managing the company’s tax compliance and filing.
  • Assembling financial reports and statements;
  • Participating in financial planning and cash flow management;
  • Coordinating and completing annual audits;
  • Managing stakeholder relations (i.e. auditors, authorities, accounting services providers);
  • Supporting the management team and staff on accounting related questions;
  • Supporting clients in understanding and adopting the SPG solution from accounting perspective;
  • Contributing to product development and service level improvement from the accounting perspective.

Required competencies & experiences

  • At least 5 years of experience working in accounting;
  • Proven ability to drive processes and collaborate ;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to chair meetings;
  • Knowledge of accounting principles and regulations;
  • Proven experience with IFRS;
  • Experience in managing and coordinating audits;
  • Strong digital skills to work with online collaboration tools;
  • Proficiency in English, other languages are advantageous.

Apply by sending us your CV and motivation letter to hr@supplierplus.com or click the button below

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